Salves, Balms, and Lotions

Salves and Balms

Bye-Bye Boo-Boos Balm: a soothing salve for cuts, scrapes, bug bites, diaper rash, and minor boo-boos of all kinds. Safe for use on infants. Available in 1/2 oz. ($5), 2 oz. ($10), and 4 oz. ($15) sizes.

Bye-Bye Boo-Boos Balm — Toddler Formula: includes an added ingredient to help with your new walker’s occasional bruises and goose-eggs. Available in 1/2 oz. ($5), 2 oz. ($10), and 4 oz. ($15) sizes.

Aches, Pains, Bruises, and Sprains Salve: I developed this formula to help my mom’s arthritis. It supports healing of damaged tissues and joints and those chronically achy spots. Great for athletes and folks with arthritis. Available in 1/2 oz.($5), 2 oz. ($10), and 4 oz. ($15) sizes.

Summer Salve: Made from plants organically grown in my garden that are specifically chosen to help with the more unpleasant parts of summer. It soothes bug bites and stings, and helps soothe and heal minor skin irritations like sunburns, skinned knees, and new-sandal blisters. Comes in a 2 oz. twist tube for easy application. ($10)


Body Lotion: your dry skin will love these! Available in 4 oz. ($6) and 8 oz. ($10) sizes. Scents: unscented, lightly lavender, rose, or lemongrass.

Baby’s Bedtime Lotion: a creamy moisturizing lotion scented with chamomile and lavender. Available in 4 oz. ($6) and 8oz. ($10) sizes.

Revitalizing Foot Cream: Thick and luxurious, this foot cream will reinvigorate your tired tootsies at the end of the day, and help keep cracked, ashy heels moisturized. Perfect for summer! Available in 4 oz. ($8).

Eczema and Psoriasis Lotion: while eczema and psoriasis are almost always linked to other issues like food allergies, this formula is specifically crafted to help soothe the flare-ups when they occur. Available in 4 oz. ($8) and 8oz. ($12) sizes.